From September 15 to November 30, 2022, the U.S. Dry Pea and Lentil Council (USADPLC) and U.S. Dry Bean Council (USDBC) collaborated on an exciting menu promotion in the vibrant city of Chiang Mai. Under the theme “Healthy with U.S. Pulses,” this campaign aimed to showcase the versatility and nutritional benefits of pulses in the local cuisine. Three renowned restaurants, Moreganic, Zenbu Kuro & Everyday Vegan, and The Vorra Bistro embraced the concept wholeheartedly and delighted diners with a range of innovative pulse-based dishes.

Delicious Pulse Creations:

During the promotional period, each restaurant carefully crafted unique and tantalizing pulse-based dishes, ensuring a diverse culinary experience for visitors. Moreganic tempted taste buds with Khao Soi featuring U.S. Chickpeas and Red Beans, a Super Food Salad bursting with U.S. Chickpeas and Red Beans, as well as Stir Fried U.S. Chickpeas and Cashew Nuts. The Tofu Scramble with U.S. Baked Beans dish on the menu also added a protein-packed twist to their breakfast offerings.

Zenbu Kuro & Everyday Vegan showcased their culinary skills with delightful creations like Vegan U.S. Chickpea & Lentil Wellington, Vegan U.S. Chickpea Quiche, Vegan 4 U.S. Beans Tonkatsu, and Vegan U.S. Chickpea & Tofu Scramble with Baked Beans. These plant-based dishes not only catered to vegans but also intrigued non-vegetarians with their flavorful profiles.

The Vorra Bistro embraced the pulse revolution with super delicious dishes such as Pumpkin Soup with U.S. Chickpeas, The Chiangmai Signature Salad featuring U.S. Pulses, U.S. Chickpea Pizza, and U.S. Green Pea Cannoli. All these innovative creations from all three restaurants not only showcased the versatility of pulses, but also elevated traditional recipes and captivated diners with their enticing flavors.

Collaboration with Food Influencer:

To ensure the success of the menu promotion, the USADPLC and USDBC teamed up with Checkin Chiangmai, a prominent food influencer in Chiangmai. Checkin Chiangmai visited each participating restaurant, sampling the pulse-based delicacies, reviewing them, and capturing stunning photos of the dishes. These visuals were then shared on Checkin Chiangmai’s influential Facebook page, amplifying the reach and impact of the promotion.

A Resounding Success:

The “Healthy with U.S. Pulses” menu promotion in Chiang Mai was a resounding success, thanks to the collaboration between the USADPLC, USDBC, the three enthusiastic restaurants, and Checkin Chiangmai. The campaign showcased the versatility of pulses and further emphasized the importance of healthy eating and the remarkable potential of pulses in culinary creations. Through the collaboration with Checkin Chiangmai, the promotion garnered significant attention and generated buzz both online and offline. Diners were able to go to the three participating restaurants to savor the unique pulse-infused dishes showcased during the campaign. The innovative pulse-based dishes not only highlighted the health benefits of incorporating pulses into daily meals, but it also showcased the culinary creativity of the participating restaurants. By embracing pulses as a versatile and nutritious ingredient, these establishments proved that healthy eating can be a flavorful and satisfying experience. And as we bid farewell to this exceptional promotion, we hope that the impact of “Healthy with U.S. Pulses” lingers, inspiring more restaurants and individuals to explore the nutritional benefits and culinary possibilities of pulses in their own kitchens.