The U.S. Dry Pea and Lentil Council (USADPLC) recently participated in a remarkable event called “Ramadhan Delights with U.S.” The event, hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta and USDA FAS, aimed to honor the holy month of Ramadhan while commemorating the Arab-American Heritage Month in April. With a focus on showcasing Arab-American culture and cuisine, this event brought together a diverse group of attendees, including food bloggers, journalists, culinary school students, and importers.

The USADPLC set up an engaging table-top display featuring a range of U.S. pulses, including dry chickpeas, green split peas, and yellow split peas, and other products sponsored by the Indonesian importers of U.S. pulses, Foodindo and Trio Natural. The display attracted the attention of importers, supermarket leaders, and other U.S. cooperators who were eager to explore the potential of U.S. pulses in the Indonesian market.

One of the highlights of the event was a cooking demonstration by Mr. David Younes, Political Officer of the U.S. Embassy Jakarta. He shared his grandmother’s Lebanese hummus recipe, using dry U.S. chickpeas. This demonstration not only showcased the versatility of U.S. pulses but also highlighted the cultural exchange between Arab and American culinary traditions.

To add to the culinary experience, the USADPLC partnered with Cairo Food, a supplier specializing in Middle Eastern food ingredients, to prepare a food display and tasting boxes that were distributed to the 200 attendees during the fast-breaking time. The boxes contained delicious dishes incorporating U.S. pulses, allowing the attendees to savor the flavors and experience the nutritional benefits firsthand.

In addition to the delightful food, the attendees received valuable takeaways from the event. They were presented with a recipe book titled “Plant-based dishes with U.S. Pulses,” translated into Bahasa, providing them with inspiration to incorporate U.S. pulses into their cooking. Furthermore, they received brochures introducing the USADPLC, which included information on the nutritional values of U.S. pulses. As a special gift, each attendee also received a can of chickpeas from My Select, PT Foodindo’s brand.

The event proved to be an excellent opportunity for the USADPLC to increase awareness of U.S. pulses, promote the importers’ brands, and demonstrate how these pulses can be transformed into delicious and healthy dishes. This event marked the first time that the USADPLC South East Asia had organized an event with a focus on the Middle Eastern market in Indonesia, providing a new avenue to explore alongside the growing plant-based market. With significant media coverage and the endorsement of the U.S. Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Sung Y. Kim, the event successfully created a platform for fostering cross-cultural appreciation and culinary excellence.

“Ramadhan Delights with U.S.” brought together the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, USDA FAS, the USADPLC, importers, and a diverse range of guests to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan and honor Arab-American heritage. By showcasing the versatility of U.S. pulses and their integration into Arab-American cuisine, this event highlighted the power of culinary diplomacy and cultural exchange. It paved the way for increased collaboration and exploration of new markets, ultimately strengthening the bond between the United States and Indonesia through the celebration of food, culture, and shared values.