Food Ingredients Asia 2022, ASEAN’s largest food and beverage ingredients event, brought together international suppliers, importers, manufacturers, and buyers from the nutraceutical and food & beverage industry. The event was also co-located with Vitafoods, enabling connections with over 500 international suppliers from the industry. USADPLC’s Southeast Asia representative actively participated in the event, aiming to promote U.S. pulses and pulse ingredients while fostering relationships with current and potential importers and users. Let’s delve into the highlights of their successful presence at the show.

Collaboration with Wang Chemicals:

USADPLC’s booth welcomed Wang Chemicals, a Thai importer offering U.S. pulse ingredients. Though other dry U.S. pulse importers did not participate directly, they visited the booth and sent samples to be displayed. Wang Chemicals actively supported the promotion by distributing samples and recipes of products developed using yellow pea flour and yellow pea protein, including Instant Pea Drink, Pea Snack, Egg and Milk-Free Mayonnaise, and Meal Replacement options.

Live Cooking Demonstrations:

Chef Sophon “Ten” Poomrattanawong captivated attendees with live cooking demonstrations at the USADPLC booth. The featured recipes, Chickpea Power Ball and Green Split Pea Tart, were developed by a Thai plant-based chef, Nattha (Pae) Podok, in collaboration with the USADPLC. 

Engagement with USDA:

USADPLC actively participated in activities organized by USDA FAS during the show. This included the Food Ingredients Asia Show in the USA Pavilion, where USDA FAS facilitated daily visits by 10 food and beverage manufacturers, importers, and researchers to the USADPLC booth. Additionally, the USDA FAS organized “Future Food Product Development with U.S. Ingredients” seminars, featuring presentations by key organizations such as USADPLC, the U.S. Dairy Export Council, and the U.S. Soybean Export Council. These seminars shed light on the innovative use of U.S.-origin ingredients in the production of future foods worldwide.

Future Food Product Showcase and Networking Reception:

FAS USDA Bangkok office and Taste Bud Lab organized a special space for FAS USDA cooperators, including USADPLC and Wang Chemicals, to showcase their products throughout the trade show. This sponsorship by FAS USDA allowed trade visitors to sample the products and engage in networking sessions. As Asia continues to play a pivotal role in the global ingredient market, with a growing number of plant-based food producers, this event provided a valuable platform for USADPLC to connect with ASEAN importers, suppliers, manufacturers, and restaurants seeking healthier product options.

In short, USADPLC’s participation in Food Ingredients Asia 2022 proved to be a resounding success. The event facilitated the promotion of U.S. pulses and pulse ingredients, strengthening relationships with importers, manufacturers, and users in Southeast Asia. The collaboration with Wang Chemicals, live cooking demonstrations, engagement with USDA FAS, and the opportunity to showcase products during the Future Food Product Showcase and networking reception all contributed to expanding USADPLC’s reach and influence in the region. With the increasing demand for healthier and plant-based food options, USADPLC remains committed to providing high-quality U.S. pulse ingredients to meet the evolving needs of the ASEAN market.